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Batazia is developing AI translation into all African languages to overcome language barriers in Fintech, E Commerce, E learning by using NLP language models.

Basic details

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AI/ML, DeepTech, Ecommerce, EdTech, FinTech
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Last updated:
August 21, 2023

Key Achievements

  • we are building language models for our prospective customers in the language they require. After we use them for the cllient, we have these models available for other use. We have a very good network in the NGO world and in the Fintech world, where our prospects like us to develop language API's to be able to connect to their clients in their mother tongue. This creates trust and grows conversion. We hae raised 350.000 k and have been chosen to speak at several conferences, such as Crossing Borders, London Tech Week, ATS, Digital Demo Days, Rubio Power People etc.
  • We have access to 571 African languages so far, outof the 3000 that are estimated to exist in Africa. We are adding languages each week.

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not growing
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We are just signing the first b2b contracts. Our b2c product is not on line yet
Number of paying customers
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Angels 50.000 Crowdfunding 150.000 Pre seed 150.000
Do you have a lead investor?
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80-99% owned by founders
Is there a women founder with at least 5% of the shares?
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Founder graduated from TU Delft, EUR or Erasmus MC
Graduation year from EUR, Erasmus MC or TUDelft

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