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Startup Fountain advertising

Thanks for your interest in advertising on Startup Fountain. Below you'll find some stats and information on our pricing.

Note: we do not run campaigns based on referral fees.


Weekly Newsletter sent out to 400+ startups and 700+ investors.
Consistent ~50% open-rate for both groups (~700 opens)
Consistent 3-5% CTR (30-70 total clicks)

Unique clicks for advertisers range from 3-12 per newsletter


The 700+ investors are mostly based in the Netherlands, but are located around Europe. 50% consisting of angel investors and the other 50% working at early stage VC funds, corporate VCs or government funds.

The startups consist of 80% early stage Dutch startups (other 20% across Europe) looking to raise between €100K - €5M.


Every newsletter has only 1 sponsor and you'll appear in three sections in the newsletter. At the top 1 sentence with link, middle section with more lengthy description plus link and at the end of the email with 1 sentence with link.

Please reach out to