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WedgeBets - Plan your golf games, Compete amongst friends

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Last updated:
January 16, 2023

Key Achievements

  • I spent several months finding a solution around the legal requirements that would require me to license the startup because betting is gambling. Using prizes and vouchers, the app becomes a prized competition and does not require any gambling licenses. Our app, becomes a marketing tool, and can help small golf shops promote and "sell" products
  • We aim to partner with major online stores and retailers to grow awareness and the success of our mobile application and business. Partnerships with key partners like Jumbo Golf and PGA Superstore will help drive users turnover and increase revenue. 80% of golfs place side bets when playing a game of golf.

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  • Growth rate (month over month)
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  • Amount raised in the past
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Monthly Revenue
Growth rate month over month
Monthly revenue context
Earnings based on sales commission. Every prize or Euro generated through the platform will earn commission.
Number of paying customers
Monthly active users
How much have you raised in the past?
Nothing raised yet. Currently self funded
Do you have a lead investor?
How much of this round already committed?
When are you aiming to close this round?
Patent status
Year founded
How much time do the founders spend on the business?
Is there a founder with previous co-founder / c-level at startup experience?
Is there a founder with previous Sector Experience?
Is there a founder with previous Exit Experience?
What percentage of company is owned by founders?
100% owned by founders
Is there a women founder with at least 5% of the shares?
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