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Visual Contracts

Visual Contracts supports contract creators in making proactive contracts that support building sustainable relationships, without the need for design, legal or coding skills.

Key Achievements

  • Our contract designs are award winning: visual employment contracts for CSU: Gouden Zandloper Award 2021: Plus an European nomination for CSU on 'commitment to diversity': User friendly NDA for startups:]( Contract innovators at Airbus: (contract design got one of the first 'better contract design' mark/label to stimulate commercial contract practitioners to create better contracts).- we are working on our Theory of Change to measure the impact of our work (training and inspiring people for a mindset change in the legal field to make the law more accessible, contract design as seen above and studio projects that help stimulate the movement of legal design. We are now starting to measure our impact following our impact strategy: <> )
  • In 2021 our revenue grew 4x (almost 5x) with clients like CSU, Zizo, Harvard Pilac, SER, OM, in 2022 we add TZorg + a 3 year frame agreement to that to design all sorts of contracts for CSU, Zizo and TZorg (aiming to make them one of our launching customers for our builder software)
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Last updated:
April 11, 2022

Basic details

Amount raising
Monthly revenue range
€20K - €40K
Marketplace, HR, B2B, Saas

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Growth rate month over month
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at the moment this is based on an avg of consultancy work, we're moving towards a SaaS/marketplace model for which we are building the MVP and further proof of concept
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