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Tykn is an award-winning Dutch startup developing digital identity tools for impact. Our innovative technology allows organisations to issue cryptographically tamper-proof credentials which are verifiable anywhere, at any time. Identity owners can prove their ID to access services while remaining in full control of what personal data is viewed, shared & stored. For a while this was only possible on Smart Phones. Since we are committed to not leaving anyone behind, we are working on the technology to make this possible on Feature Phones. We envision a world where identities are portable, private and secure, so that no one has to lose access to their identity ever again.

Basic details

Amount raising
Monthly revenue range
€1K - €5K
B2B, DeepTech, Saas
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Last updated:
May 8, 2022

Key Achievements

  • **Tykn is the only company to have both founding experience with the technology and in using it for real-life users**, having spent 4 years developing the infrastructural Decentralized Identity tech through projects for high-stake user bases with the likes of the **UNDP, Red Cross & Turkish government**.
  • - Preferred digital identity provider **The Netherlands Red Cross **(2018)- Pilot with **Turkish Government & UNDP **(2020)- **Launch Tykn APIs & Self serve platform **(2021)- 200 sign-ups first month 2022

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Growth rate month over month
Monthly revenue context
Number of paying customers
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How much have you raised in the past?
Do you have a lead investor?
How much of this round already committed?
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