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Thuysvers is the healthiest meal platform of the Netherlands. We are the marketplace where the ones who don't like or don't have time to cook find the best ready-to-eat mealsuppliers!

Key Achievements

  • Over the past 18 months we've build our platform and performed the first trial period of our platform on the North-Holland province. Starting from zero we've collected a revenue in these months of 930K. With a very low CPA, a high CLV, an order value of 42 euro and a clear marketing persona we think there is enough proof to scale this throughout the Netherlands.
  • During Q1 2022 we've put the first steps in the other provinces of the Netherlands and we're seeing the first exiting results. Now it's time to take this to a higher level!
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Last updated:
May 10, 2022

Basic details

Amount raising
Monthly revenue range
€40K - €100K
Food & Beverages

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