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As Pinterest for travel, Stippl is the travel platform that connects travel-creators & adventurers.

Key Achievements

  • Without asking people and even making it easy for them, we see users repost screenshots of our planner on Facebook to inspire others. All initial responses are "please tell me what this app is!". Not only this, but we never expected we would have a global adoption so fast! We now have users from all over Europe, USA, South America & Australia.
  • Having built Stippl part time (1 day a week), we have launched more features than our competitors. This is not necessarily something awesome by itself (as they should be good features) but it does showcase that we are extremely strong in our time-to market, have all capabilities in-house and respond to user requirements super fast! We are very proud that within 2 months after launch, we had already built 3 of the most requested features (e.g. A budget planner & currency converter).
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Last updated:
May 9, 2022

Basic details

Amount raising
Monthly revenue range
€1 - €1K
B2C, Travel & Hospitality

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Growth rate month over month
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We operate via an affiliate model at the moment but our core believe is that through extreme user growth we can incorporate more predictable revenue models such as monthly fees for creators.
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