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The platform for employee participation, when everyone is co-owner of the company they work for, we all have a reason for the company to succeed, while closing the capital wealth gap.

Basic details

Amount raising
B2B, Crypto, Saas, FinTech, HR
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Last updated:
June 12, 2022

Key Achievements

  • We’ve figured out how to land big customers like Mijndomein, Lightyear, Tony Chocolonely and Ace, through our impact driven market approach while we heavily scaled down our sales team and invested in our inbound marketing. By this we’ve figured out our CAC and have seen our churn lower to almost 0. We’ve closed partnerships with some bigger players in our market whom seem to have additional value to our businesscase, such as Nxchange and Bondex. We’ve furthermore been nominated for social enterprise of the year within the Blockchain space. This is a recurring theme in our success, staying true to our purpose and our core.
  • We raised over 600k so far based on crowdfunding and our own platform. We’ve been mentioned by media outlets as Quote, Financieel Dagblad en Sprout.

Premium Details Available

  • Growth rate (month over month)
  • Growth rate (month over month)
  • Monthly Revenue Range
  • Contextual explanation on monthly revenues
  • Number of paying customers
  • Number of active users
  • Percentage of company owned by founders
  • Amount raised in the past
  • Is there a lead investor?
  • Amount in this round already committed
  • When aiming to close this round?
  • Percentage of their time founders are spending on this.
  • Is there a founder with previous c-level or founder experience?
  • Is there a founder with exit experience?
  • Is there a founder with previous sector experience?
  • Is there a women founder with at least 5% in the team?
  • Year founded
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Premium Details

(Data is self reported)
Monthly Revenue
€10K - €20K
Growth rate month over month
Monthly revenue context
This is the actual MRR (service income, excluding our onboarding income) calculated by current paying customers
Number of paying customers
Monthly active users
How much have you raised in the past?
Do you have a lead investor?
How much of this round already committed?
When are you aiming to close this round?
Patent status
Year founded
How much time do the founders spend on the business?
Is there a founder with previous co-founder / c-level at startup experience?
Is there a founder with previous Sector Experience?
Is there a founder with previous Exit Experience?
What percentage of company is owned by founders?
60-69% owned by founders
Is there a women founder with at least 5% of the shares?

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