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The following startup is currently fundraising in the Netherlands

If you are an investor and interested to learn more about this startup, please do reach out using the form below. Feel free to add a request, like asking for a pitch deck, online meeting or a cup of coffee.


NaviPract is redesigning its existing software in oncology treatment used in hospitals. We will bring our expert system to the cloud for scaling purposes. NaviPract drives healthcare excellence by facilitating working with medical treatment protocols in a structured format, so that customisation and validation can be done safely and efficiently. Furthermore, our system moves from 'decision support' to 'decision making’ by using AI on the data of historical treatments.
Amount raising: €
Paying customers:
  • Experienced team from both medical and technical perspective and ready to handle large (international) market playing field.
  • Development is in progress as NaviPract is partly funded (currently one existing contract is being converted to our cloud solution).
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