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The following startup is currently fundraising in the Netherlands

If you are an investor and interested to learn more about this startup, please do reach out using the form below. Feel free to add a request, like asking for a pitch deck, online meeting or a cup of coffee.


Nocto - The Future of Hospitality. We have developed and launched an award winning solution for the safe and effective reopening of HoReCa, not only in The Netherlands but all across Europe. With a strong and experienced team our scalable solution is well positioned to become the market leader of hospitality software for a COVID and post-COVID world.
Amount raising: €
Paying customers:
  • Approaching €100,000 cumulative revenue. Product Validation = More than 8,000 pictures and videos posted, and more than 3,500 deals bought through the Nocto system
  • Raising 500K, of which €125K investment already secured (1 out of 4 tickets)
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