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Food waste reduction by predicting remaining shelf-life of fresh produce

Key Achievements

  • We're addressing the food supply chain through market leading retailers in different countries (NL, CAD, USA) and have now converted the Dutch to a commercial contract and negotiating the large Canada retailer.
  • Our largest challenge is to build databases & algorithms of shelf life prediction of most (spoiling) fresh produce categories. We're working together with our customers on building these and now have the first algorithms -through mutual development- working in the field. This enables us to scale.
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Last updated:
June 5, 2022

Basic details

Amount raising
Monthly revenue range
€10K - €20K
AgriTech, AI/ML, B2B, DeepTech, Food & Beverages, Saas, Logistics, Hardware, Climate

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We're just starting to sell our licenses to our customers after 3 years of validation in the field (trial fees), those Tier-1 retailers are sticking with us and now converting to ARR. We're late-seed stage.
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