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Grow-ID is building a SaaS platform that enables business and organizations to setup and manage projects with external service providers in order for them to outsource in time efficient manner, in a more transparant way, in a more structured way, and in a more objective way.

Key Achievements

  • We have launched our prototype and through pilots we secured more than €85,000 revenue by working with international clients doing multiple projects. This was done in 2 months!
  • We setup more than 10 business partnerships with consultants, coaches and freelancers where we integrate our platform into their services. When they do a project and recommend certain implementations our platform facilitates these implementations by building a project out of it. We setup partnerships with experienced professionals who recognize the problem that we are solving and are eager to work with us.
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Last updated:
July 10, 2022

Basic details

Amount raising
Monthly revenue range
€5K - €10K
B2B, Marketplace, Saas

Premium Details Available

  • Growth rate (month over month)
  • Contextual explanation on monthly revenues
  • Number of paying customers
  • Number of active users
  • Percentage of company owned by founders
  • Year founded
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Premium Details

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Growth rate month over month
Monthly revenue context
Based on projects, funding is also used to transition towards a monthly subscription.
Number of paying customers
Number of active users
Percentage of company owned by founders
100% owned by founders
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