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Key Achievements

  • We've validating the idea from start to finish, did extensive (user and financial) research, got over 40 early bird sign-ups who all indicate they're willing to pay and help with beta testing, we have a clear roadmap, business model and product vision.
  • found a partner in dev agency Label A, who's wiling to invest in the development and an additional 150K, provided we come up with a few launching customers. We've got ScaleUp Capital helping us to, well, scale up quickly once we've achieved this. All we need is to have just a few that will join us in our adventure, along with maybe a little bit of luck to get started. That first big break - that's what we're looking for. Of course we'd also love to get advice, learn and listen (some additional funding would be the icing on the cake). :)
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Last updated:
May 1, 2022

Basic details

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Productivity, Saas, AI/ML, B2B, DeepTech

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  • Contextual explanation on monthly revenues
  • Number of paying customers
  • Number of active users
  • Percentage of company owned by founders
  • Year founded
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Growth rate month over month
not growing
Monthly revenue context
Our dev partner, together with Scaleup Capital are willing to invest another 150k, under the condition that we bring in a few (larger) launching customers.
Number of paying customers
Number of active users
Percentage of company owned by founders
100% owned by founders
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