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GetEase is a SaaS enabled marketplace that supports service providers to grow & manage their business. And deliver on-demand services to urban consumers.

Basic details

Amount raising
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Last updated:
February 20, 2023

Key Achievements

  • Key Achievement: Traction on Supply - SAAS side of our platform We are able to get Service providers on our platform. They look for work and don't know how to get new customers. We recruit them for 62 Euro per provider and we see a 83% retention rate. We save them 22Hours per month and we drive +35% more revenues for them.
  • We are able to drive demand for our platform. With paid and non paid marketing channels we got 3K users on our platform. They spend on average 66 euro per booking. 30% comes back monthly and 60% comes back quarterly. We also see a 22% crosselling. So people booking in multiple categories.

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  • Growth rate (month over month)
  • Growth rate (month over month)
  • Monthly Revenue Range
  • Contextual explanation on monthly revenues
  • Number of paying customers
  • Number of active users
  • Percentage of company owned by founders
  • Amount raised in the past
  • Is there a lead investor?
  • Amount in this round already committed
  • When aiming to close this round?
  • Percentage of their time founders are spending on this.
  • Is there a founder with previous c-level or founder experience?
  • Is there a founder with exit experience?
  • Is there a founder with previous sector experience?
  • Is there a women founder with at least 5% in the team?
  • Year founded
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Premium Details

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Monthly Revenue
€20K - €40K
Growth rate month over month
Monthly revenue context
SAAS is recurring + we see a 30% monthly retention rate
Number of paying customers
Monthly active users
How much have you raised in the past?
800000Graduate NL (Rotterdam) CLAApX (VC from Berlin) CLA5 business angels CLA
Do you have a lead investor?
How much of this round already committed?
When are you aiming to close this round?
End of Q1 or Q2
Patent status
Year founded
How much time do the founders spend on the business?
Is there a founder with previous co-founder / c-level at startup experience?
Is there a founder with previous Sector Experience?
Is there a founder with previous Exit Experience?
What percentage of company is owned by founders?
100% owned by founders
Is there a women founder with at least 5% of the shares?
Is there a founder with a EUR / Erasmus MC or TUDelft relation?
Graduation year from EUR, Erasmus MC or TUDelft

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