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Fuse is a platform where employers can recommend talent directly to each other. Instead of relying on expensive recruiters we enable them to rely on fellow employers to find validated talent. In doing so we are saving them valuable time, money & resources.

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HR, Marketplace, Saas
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April 15, 2023

Key Achievements

  • Since we went live with the first version of our product (only 3 weeks ago) we managed to grow our user base to 69 users (and counting). No paid advertising was used. These users include hiring users and talent users and 10% of which was introduced via the existing users, showcasing the potential for viral growth of Fuse.
  • We feel strongly supported by research we conduced amongst 52 Dutch employers, the results showed that: - 100% of the respondents are open to interviewing (and potentially hiring) recommended talent from other employers. - 55% of them would give these recommended talents somewhat preferential treatment over online applicants. F.e. skipping pre-screening, or moving to interview straight away. - 75% of the respondents indicated they are (very) willing to also recommend their talent to other employers.

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