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Councyl has a revolutionary AI approach that can transparently digitize expert judgement without requiring historical data. Our decision support improves the efficiency, quality and transparency of decision processes, but also helps large (public) organisations on their route towards data-driven working.

Key Achievements

  • We have digitized expertise from ICU's in the midst of the COVID peak, concerning the trade-off which COVID patients should be accepted.This validates how are software is able to capture high-level dynamic expertise in a super low threshold approach, requiring no data and only 30 minutes from the very busy intensivists. It has resulted in a scientific publication with AUMC and OLVG and the start of a valuable partnership with these hospitals
  • We have found a perfect fit in the public sector meeting both efficiency demands and the shit towards deciding with a human factor (menselijke maat).Also our characteristics fit the ethical, legal and social demands on AI, providing them a safe and well backed route towards data-driven decision making:- No data required- Fully transparent and understandable- Little upfront investment- Well received by employees and the public
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Last updated:
March 21, 2022

Basic details

Amount raising
Monthly revenue range
€10K - €20K
DeepTech, AI/ML, B2B, Saas

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Premium Details

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Growth rate month over month
not growing
Monthly revenue context
Not yet recurring but paid models creation and pilot projects, so it varies between 10k and 20k per month
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Number of active users
Percentage of company owned by founders
60-69% owned by founders
Year founded

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