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ARspar Technologies

At ARspar Technologies we are developing 3D & AR visualisation tools aimed at helping eCommerce merchants sell more with a more effective customer journey

Basic details

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B2B, Saas, Ecommerce
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Last updated:
July 25, 2022

Key Achievements

  • We've built 3 different products around our main AR tool which includes a configurator, a HD visualisation tool, and a visual dashboard for an effective feedback system. With these tools we have reached large corporate brands such as Westwing and Trakracer.
  • We have done multiple interviews for validation of the products along with monetisation possibilities for different parts of the tools. One example is the visual feedback tool that had a lot of positive reviews from designers and that we will turn into a monetised product itself for designers to onboard themselves and take on projects from our customers and their own internal process.

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  • Growth rate (month over month)
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Premium Details

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Monthly Revenue
€10K - €20K
Growth rate month over month
Monthly revenue context
That includes our modeling service which is on a contract with some clients so that contributes to the recurring revenue along with our subscription model post-modeling for the AR service.
Number of paying customers
Monthly active users
How much have you raised in the past?
Do you have a lead investor?
How much of this round already committed?
When are you aiming to close this round?
Patent status
Year founded
How much time do the founders spend on the business?
Is there a founder with previous co-founder / c-level at startup experience?
Is there a founder with previous Sector Experience?
Is there a founder with previous Exit Experience?
What percentage of company is owned by founders?
100% owned by founders
Is there a women founder with at least 5% of the shares?

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