Frequently Asked Questions

How can I login as a startup?

Right now it's not possible yet to login and change your own profile. However you can send me an email at support [at] startupfountain.com and I'll adjust your profile.

How does it work?

You sign up with your startup (takes about 15-20 minutes tops), I check the quality to make sure it's something of potential interest to the investors. I then publish your startup on the frontpage and in the weekly newsletter. You can read more and sign up here.

Why is there no success fee?

Making an introduction in itself is not a lot of work. When I worked with success fee and / or retainer based introduction parties in the past I didn't really like the experience that much. It always felt like I was paying to get access to your contact list. When I set forth to build Startup Fountain I wanted to try to see if I could keep it running on a freemium model, with the core (startups and investors discovering each other) free to use.

I'm currently experimenting with paid services so you might see the occasional offer (which is always optional) come by in your inbox :)

Why did I start Startup Fountain?

Link to about page
What is Startup Fountain?

Is it free?

How can it be free?

For startups
I don't want to raise publicly, is there another way to get fundraising support?

How can I submit my startup?

Who can submit their startup?

Did I get accepted with my startup? If not, why not?

I want to edit my startup information, how can I do that?

I want to remove my startup from Startup Fountain, how can I do that?

For investors
I'm an investor and I want to invest in a startup I see, how do I proceed?

I want to promote my investment firm and potentially reach new LPs, can you help?

I want to get early access to startups and more specific deal flow, can you help?

I want to bring in additional investors on the deals I am leading, can you help?